Sex and hot pee.

Sex and hot pee go together like a hand in glove. These hot Asian babes love nothing more than getting their sweet pussies rammed full. Then when the feeling gets too good, they spray their piss like a juicy fountain. Our first Japanese lovely gets herself squeaky clean under the stream of a hot blissful shower, reaching all those intimate lady parts. Then when her guy gets off screwing her itchy twat he holds her lips apart and watches as the piss flies out.

A second honey dresses in a prim sailor dress with no panties and has a hot steamy rendezvous with a stiff dick. Then she too geysers out a stream of piss that could knock you over. Finally a lanky lovely sits on a bathroom bench in thick beige pantyhose and lets her pee stream soak the double-thick crotch. When it gets stronger it squirts out in a hot wet stream, splashes to the tile floor below.

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Sex and Hot Pee go together like a hand in glove.

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