Wetting in pants. Is this a Physical or Psychical problem if it makes you Horny? 18+




Teen squirt in pants




Wetting in pants. Exited, the authors of this article start looking for a connection between pissing fetish and, eventually a Physical or Psychical problem. Therefore, what kind of problem is this or something isn`t right with you. Historical facts and researches together with a modern view of the sexuality environment can give us these answers. Answers which every fetishist wants to have for himself. Together with this we will try to create a nice place where you can have a great sexual experience. Finally for your pissing fetishes we will try to select the best videos.




Wetting in pants as a health problem.




Generally the wetting in pants topic discussion starts with kids in early stage. According Paediatric Society of New Zealand in collaboration with the Enuresis Guideline Team, published in Kids Health  3 of 100 kids have a problem with daytime wetting. Bedwetting exists in about 67 percent of  these cases. Anthony J. Casale, MD says in Contemporary Paediatrics  , that urinary incontinence may be caused by uncommon anomalies. Daytime wetting may also result from physical or sexual abuse, but this is rare. Note, the reasons are various and in some cases a medical help should be provided.




What is Urolagnia?




Paraphilia is the other name of Urolagnia. Person consume urine or bath in it. Also this is arousal from seeing someone else wetting in pants or underwear. It could include sexual arousal caused by soaked with urine clothes or underwear. Peed body parts during the sexual act or even drinking of urine are between the most common variations of the fetish. Variation of Paraphilia is peeing in diapers. Other terms associated with Urolagnia are Golden Shower and Watersports. Widely spread in Japan is the term Omorashi. The arousal from being desperate from the sensation of having a full bladder.




Peeing in the history and wetting in pants.




So here we draw a blank. It seems, the interest about the history of the Watersports significantly increases during the scandal with Ex American president Donald Trump.  The problem is that the main target is the discussion about the Trump`s issues regarding his connections with Russia.

Among the scarce historical data, interesting reading  states:

“Urine was even extolled by the great Roman historian and doctor, Pliny, for its medicinal value in the curing of gout, sore throat, and deafness.”

Wetting pants in Gypsy community.

“Actually, according to medical wisdom and folklore through the ages, peeing on someone you love is one of the nicest things you can do. Say, for instance, your lady is spread out in an empty bathtub when you decide to unload. According to a gypsy custom still in use today, the effect of your urine on her hair would prevent to dandruff while improving luster, sheen, and health.”

South America

“The wizened old doctors of ancient China insisted that urine was the best appetite stimulant available, bar none, and the Indians of the subcontinent rated it second only to ganja. South American and Central African tribesmen, and most notably, Bavarian peasants, regularly quaffed the yellow nectar in order to prevent smallpox, boils, and acne. During ritual peyote and psilocybin blasts, the Aztecs and the Mayans of Mexico cut down on their drug costs by passing the pre-digested psychoactive elements on to their friends and neighbors in their urine. So if you’re high, pissing into your lover’s esophagus will make her high, too.”


“Throughout the Orient, it is widely believed that spiritual altitude may also be transferred from person to person through pee. As late as the early 60s, the urine of the Grand Lama of Tibet was sold to rich Taiwanese merchants and industrialists at the incredible price of $2,000 per ounce.”

As a conclusion peeing on someone widely spreads throughout the ages with different aims. Peeing on someone predisposes developing of sexual fetishes with various scenarios. Wetting pants as a fetish.

Please, pee on me. Is it something wrong with me?

We see that peeing is not so rare desire. This sight in the past definitely shows that wetting in pants has significant place in world of the fetish.