He pees in her leggings and fuck her hard.

She stays on a doggy stile in front of the camera because of the perfect view. Perfect natural and hairy wet pussy. He makes her more wet fondling gently her ass. Careful penetrates in her pussy and with slow pushes start fucking her.... Soon he just stand and put his hard cock inside her leggings. In the meantime she stands and wait his warm urine to leak trough her ass. However he starts peeing inside her panties. The warm urine flows into her leggings washing her ass. The wet leads growing and growing because he can not stop until he pump out all urine trough his hard cock.

Afterward he sit on the sofa. She turn on the camera and sit over him face to face. His hard cock pushes in and out of her pussy. Gentle wet hair around her ass. A white mucus squirts from the wet pussy. In and out, in and out. More wet, more horny. Finally she is in the ridge. To cum? No… to pee. To pee over him, because she can not sustain. Because she want to. To feel how arousal he is. And here it is. She start peeing over him. Wetting his trousers. The sound of  the flowing urine mixed with chewing strongly increases and he speeds up his pushes because he is so horny. Finally she takes the command and starts fuck him hard. Her moaning is clear hearable, so horny. And she cums.

He Stands behind  and  fucks her. His pissed trousers are still worn. Finally he cums over her hairy pussy with lots of cum.



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He pees in her leggings and fuck her hard.

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